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Nova's Executive Wellness Program

Nova's Executive Wellness Program provides a comprehensive health assessment in a healing medical spa environment. It is designed to meet the needs of busy executives choosing to optimize their health. When key executives are off work due to illness or disability, the impact to the business can be extreme, making preventive medicine essential. Nova utilizes an approach of Optimal Health Medicine, helping executives overcome and prevent major health problems. An expanded battery of lab and radiological testing is offered to help identify and reduce the impact of risk factors for disease. We maximize the early detection of occult illness such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cancer, stroke and high cholesterol. This evaluation is not a typical corporate physical as experienced in the impersonal huge clinic or hospital setting. Our highly individualized approach results in enhanced productivity, energy, attitude and wellness for executives. For more information about the program, please call our office at 703.554.1100 and ask to speak with our Executive Concierge.

What's the Difference?

Typical Physical
 Medical History & Physical
 Laboratory Work - 4 panels
 Resting EKG
 PSA or Pap Smear

Typical Executive Physical
 Medical History & Physical
 Laboratory Work - 8 panels
 Resting EKG
 PSA or Pap Smear
 Eye Exam
 Cardiac Stress Test
 Chest X-ray

Nova's Executive Physical
 Medical History & Physical
 Laboratory Work - 12 panels
 Resting EKG
 PSA or Pap Smear*
 Eye Exam
 Cardiac Stress Test
 Chest X-ray*
 2 Spa Lunches
 Spa Services
 RMR Reading
 Stress Management Evaluation
 CT Angio Coronary Arteries*
 Chest CT*
 Digital Mamogram*
 DEXA Scan*
 Prostate Ultrasound*
 Fitness Assessment
 Naturopathic Consult
 *Offered based on medical history

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is involved in scheduling my executive wellness program?
After review of our executive wellness program information, a Nova Executive Concierge will call you to discuss the program and answer any questions. They will discuss possible dates, a la carte options and services that you wish to add to your program. We will schedule the testing times and appointments needed and call to remind you in advance of your blood work and visit to our facility with any specific instructions. If you are ready to begin this process now, call 703.554.1100 and ask to speak with our Executive Concierge.

Will my insurance cover the costs of this program?
Due to the program's focus on disease prevention, not all services are reimbursable through major insurance companies. We will provide you with the supporting documentation to file a claim. If you need assistance with regard to your insurance coverage, our billing specialist will assist.

For corporations that wish to offer the program to multiple executives, the billing specialist will work directly with the human resource department to streamline the billing process.

What follow up is included as part of the program?
The physician handling your program will contact you three months after your visit to answer any questions that you may have and check on your progress. We will provide you with a copy of our findings. We recommend that you follow up in 6 months with a physician. The providers at Nova are available to assume your primary care needs if you choose.

Any follow up testing or medical services, including Nova's signature programs, recommended in your final health report are charged in addition to the base price for the wellness program.

What do I leave Nova with?
You will leave our practice with a comprehensive report of your health, including a copy of the entire lab and radiology reports. This will include the explanation of your physical examination findings and a detailed review of any risk factors identified. The report will specify the areas that need the most attention for disease prevention and provide recommendations on measures to decrease these risks. Depending on the specific risks or conditions recognized during your examination, other materials including medical literature, recommended specialists, or programs will be suggested.


Customized Programs and Services: